The most precious resource in the Black Range.  This section of Black Range 2 expands on the Black Range Springs section of the original Black Range website.  It includes information about springs not listed on the original site and more information about water, generally, in the range.  It is supported by The Water of the Black Range video portfolio.


Bald Hill Spring:  This page includes photographs of the tank at the spring and general directions/specific location.  This is one of the better maintained developed springs in the Range.

Bloodgood Spring:  This page includes the information from the original Black Range website as well as information/photographs gathered since that time.

Frying Pan Spring:  Two links are provided here, one to a description of the walk to the spring and another to a series of photographs from the spring.

Mineral Creek Spring:  There are, of course, numerous springs in the Black Range and most are unnamed.  This spring is west of Forest Road 157 along the trail up Mineral Creek, it is less than a mile from the road.


Report on the 1972 Flood in Hillsboro

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