Bald Hill

On the 10th of September (2017) we took a stroll to Bald Hill in the Gila National Forest, north of Kingston.  Other than a walk, the purpose of the trip was to document Bald Hill Spring which I had visited as part of the Spring Survey conducted by my son.  

Forest Road 157 (aka North Percha Road) was in good shape, the ford at the North Fork of Percha Creek was graded and presented no problem.  The rest of the road was in decent shape, especially if you are in an ATV or short wheel base, high clearance vehicle.

I posted about Bald Hill Spring in an entry under the Water section of this site.  

The rest of the walk was uneventful but included a visit to the Ingersoll Mine (see entry under the mining section of

Generally, at this time of year the countryside is covered with blooming Rubber Rabbitbrush, Ericameria nauseosa.  Pictured below and at the link (added to the Flora section of this website).


I was able to take photographs of only two fauna - an unidentified tadpole in the tank at the spring (photo below) and a spider at the spring itself.



The spider is possibly (with an emphasis on the possible) a member of the Pardosa genus, the Thinlegged Wolf Spiders.  People with a lot more expertise than I think that Spiders are hard - I yield to their assessment, since I have not a clue.

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