A Walk to Holden Prong Saddle

On October 13 Rebecca and I took a walk from the Railroad Canyon Campground up to Holden Prong Saddle in the Black Range.  The general trail description can be found on Black Range 3.  It was the perfect fall day for a nine mile walk, the trail was in good condition, and there was no thunder/lightening.  Along the way we found several flowering plants, a skunk (of unidentified species), various bird species, and two Elk.


Along the trail we found Harebell (a.k.a. Bluebells of Scotland), Campanula rotundifolia (photo above), Hooker’s Evening Primrose, and Showy Milkweed in seed (photo below).

The Sharp-shinned Hawk shown below followed me back down the mountain, apparently waiting for me to scare something up.

© Robert Barnes 2018