144. Red Crossbill & 145. Mountain Chickadee

On November 16, 2017 we added two new bird species to our yard list.  The cooler weather has brought species down from the mountain and we are enjoying the benefit.  Within 30 seconds we saw a Red Crossbill and a Mountain Chickadee, both new bird species for the yard (nos. 144 & 145).  The Mountain Chickadee was back today (Nov. 21) but the Red Crossbill has not been seen since.

November has been a particularly good bird month.  This morning, for instance, we had seen 20 species in the yard by 8:00 - just about an hour of viewing time put into the effort.  White-breasted Nuthatch, Northern Cardinal, both Spotted and Canyon Towhee, Mountain Chickadee, and Hairy Woodpecker joined the usual crowd.

Cardinal, Northern - Cardinalis cardinalis Hillsboro1

Towhee, Canyon - Melozone fusca - Hillsboro, NM2

The following video of a male Cardinal was recorded in our yard in Hillsboro during March 2014.  Previous posts about this species include; Northern Cardinal (March 8, 2014), The Spring Bird Migration (May 3, 2016), and Window Strikes (May 13, 2015).

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