143. Steller’s Jay

It has been a long time since we added to our yard list, but on November 8 we managed to add bird species number 143 to the list.  The weather had turned a bit colder and some of the mountain birds moved to lower elevations. Including a Steller’s Jay, Cyanocitta stelleri.  The Steller’s Jay is fairly common just a few miles to our west - and a few hundred feet higher in elevation - but we had never seen it in our yard until last Wednesday.  The previous addition to the yard list was 19 months ago.

IMG 2047
Stellar's Jay, Wright's Cabin, Emory Pass, NM

I did not manage a photograph of the bird this week, the photograph above was taken about 15 miles to the west of our house in Hillsboro.

The Stellers Jay is fairly common in its normal habitat and is a year-round resident of parts of British Columbia and Alberta, south through the mountains of the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

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