Sawpit Canyon

This trail starts at the Reed-Armour Goat Ranch on North Percha Road and proceeds up a canyon immediately to the west.  

Sawpit Canyon Trail

The trail shown here is .9 miles long (1.8 miles round-trip).  There is minimal elevation change along the route shown, the elevation starts at 6,356’ (at North Percha Road) and rises to 6,670’ at the end of the route depicted above.

This route follows the bed of a stream which flows through a fairly narrow canyon.  The route starts out on a one lane track at the Goat Ranch but once the route enters the canyon there is no constructed trail.  Light scrambling, obstructive vegetation, loose rock, and the usual critters are likely to be encountered along the route.  

This route was mapped in on December 9, 2015, at that time there was a good flow of water in the stream, at higher volumes the trail would be impassable.  Ice (see photos) was found along the stream bed at that time and during the winter sections of the trail may be impassable because of ice on the rock.  Some pools are present and not appreciated during the winter, but might be very nice during the hot months.

Sawpit Canyon Trail from Reid Armor Goat Ranch

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