Ready Pay Mine Trail

East of Snake Mine Road

For the most part there are no names for the walks in the eastern foothills of the Black Range.  This walk holds true to that fact.  This trail description covers two “destination points”, one the Ready Pay Mine on the western side of the valley and the other a mine adit on the eastern side of the valley.

On the map to the right, NM-152 enters at the lower left - coming up the grade out of Hillsboro.  After you top the grade and start through the low hills there is a gated road on your left (north side of road).  The route starts at the green marker (the road going south from NM-152, just to the west [left] of the green marker is what we call the Vulture Road - it is gated at NM-152).

This walk starts up the road to the Snake Mine ruins (southeast approach).  Just past a windmill a road forks to the right and drops down into a wash.  (The left fork goes up to the Snake Mine ruins.)  On the other side of the wash (just a few yards) the road turns right (east) and leads to the eastern most wash of the Ready Pay Gulch system of washes which are on the north side of NM-152.  The road then turns north and you enter the wash proper where the road is badly washed out.  As you head north up the wash the ridge line to your right separates you from North Wicks Canyon.

The route shown here is 1.8 miles in length (3.6 roundtrip) with a minimal elevation gain of about 300’ (5,435’ to 5,730’).  Locally this wash is typically described as the canyon with the ruins of an abandoned ore truck and heavy duty ore wagon.  On the map below, the location of the truck is indicated by the yellow circle (waypoint).

The usual suspects are on-the-scene; rattlesnakes (only Western Diamond-Back that I know of), Black Bear, Coyote, and Cougar are all possible - but not likely.  As with all walks in this area be especially careful around mines and adits - these are potentially very dangerous places.

Additional photographs from this area are available in the galleries, see: 

East fork of Ready Pay Gulch, North of NM-152 East of Hillsboro, NM

The map below shows the route to the Ready Pay Mine, on the west slope of the valley.  This walk is just over 1.2 miles, each way, and has an elevation gain of about 375 feet.  The yellow circle indicates the location of an abandoned ore truck.  In reading the elevation profile below, the start of the trail at NM-152 is on the left and the mine is on the right.  It is a walk up (or down) a steady grade.

In addition to the abandoned truck there are other “artifacts” along the trail, like the pick shown below.  At the mine, itself, there is a rotten headframe and rusty winchs.  

The vistas to the south, as you walk up this valley, are quite nice (see below) with views of Cooke’s Peak in the distance.

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