Bonanza Mine


Entrance to the Bonanza Mine.

Bonanza Mine Map

This trail starts at the Hillsboro Transfer Station and follows a mining road to the entrance of the Bonanza Mine.  Total distance is about 3.4 miles (RT) with a gross elevation gain of about 360’, to roughly 5660’ in elevation.  There is some up and down on this trail so the total gain/loss is somewhat greater than 360’.

There is some loose rock and sand along the road but walking is relatively easy.  The usual suspects may be present, including rattlesnake, Cougar, and Black Bear - but not likely.  There is no shade along the route so summer hikes should be done early or late.  In the spring, especially, the area is subject to strong winds.

Do not enter the mine shaft, there are several cave-ins in this shaft and evidence of substantial rock fall.

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