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Among the Dust of Thieves: A True Story of the Final Days of Mesilla’s Colonel Albert Fountain -  page 3

Andrews, Ethelbert  - “History of the Mission” pages 8-10

Andrews, Henry “Bull”

Animal Populations - “A Little More Natural History” by Harley Shaw page 5

Animas Creek

Animas Mining District

Antiques Festival


Armer, Margaret

Around Hillsboro (Book)


Bach, Sandra (Oral History Interviews)

Barnes, Robert

Beals, Ida Letter (From 1889)

  • Local History - pages 3 - 5

Bergey, Virginia

Bills, Garland

Bird (Luna), Romy

The Black Range Museum - by Harley Shaw, Garland Bills, and Barbara Lovell - pages 4 - 7

Bojorquez, Franciso

Brinkley, R. D. (Interviews conducted by)

Brown, Pat

Burke House (Hillsboro)

Burke, Robert


Camp Boyd - page 5

Carrara, John (Sarge)

Cave Creek

Cemetery (Hillsboro)

 Centennial Celebration (Kingston)

Chavez (Clan) - pages 5 - 8

Chavez, Manuelita (Micky)

Christmas in the Foothills

Claims, Mining 

Coincidence at the Abbey - by Peter Hutchison - page 4 

Courthouse, Hillsboro

Crafton, Delia 

Crews, Charles Cotilda

Crews, C. C. (House)

Currie, George (Donations to Lincoln County Courthouse) - page 5


Diary of the Hunt - by Edward D. Tittmann - pages 7 - 11

Did Kingston Really Have 7000 Residents? - by Barbara Lovell - page 6  

Did Two Hillsboro Political Heavyweights Bring Down a Lightweight New Mexico Territorial Governor?    
       by Mark Thompson - May 2015 - pages 2-10

Diel, Joe

Donation Form (Materials Not Financial)

Doves and Pigeons by Harley Shaw


El Paso Radio Station Interview

Emory Pass

Evans, Art


A Famous Couple in the Nightlife of Kingston by Barbara Lovell

Faulkner, Emmitt

Ferris, James H.

A Few Words From Hillsboro Citizen - page 4


"First and Only Women Even Sentenced To Death in New Mexico” by Stretch Luna

First Grade - by Bobbie Hale-Ostler - pages 3 - 5

Fletcher, Sherry

Flood (1914)

Flood (1972) 

Fountain Murder Trial (Play)

Fowler, Ron

Flynn, Katherine

From the Archives: Kingston, the Gem of the Black Range - 1883 - by Charles Green- pages 5 - 8


Galles, Nicholas

Gibson, Sarah

Given, Hattie - The Flood Which Swept Through The Main Business Street of Hillsboro, New Mexico - June 10, 1914

Graham, Donald

Green, Charles

Green Fire - page 2

Guns of Hillsboro - What the well-dressed gentleman was totin’ in the 1890s - by Harley Shaw - pages 3 - 7


Hale-Ostler, Bobbie (See also Ostler, Bobbie)

Half-Baked Horse Opera (Play)


Hatcher Hotel

Hawkes, Farrier Asa B. (Court-martial) - Comments of Craig Springer

Heindl, Alex

HHS Member Makes National News In Scotland - page 4

Hillsboro - by Edward D. Tittmann - pages 3 - 5

Hillsboro and Las Animas Mining Districts - by Joe Diel - pages 2 - 5

Hillsboro Bank

Hillsboro Blog (Craig Springer’s Blog)

Hillsboro Businesses (Historic Listing)

 Hillsboro (Dates of Historical Events) - by Fred “Stretch” Luna

Hillsboro Fire Truck (Old No. 1) Project - by Harley Shaw - pages 9 - 10

Hillsboro High School by Patricia P. Sze

Hillsboro Historical Society (See also Museum, Black Range)

Hillsboro History 


Hillsboro In the Thirties - by Michael Taylor - pages 4 - 14

Hillsboro Javelina History by Harley Shaw

Hillsboro Massacre of 1879 - Craig Springer Comments

Hillsboro Mining District

Hillsboro Postmaster Convicted of Embezzlement Chooses the Death Penalty - by Mark Thompson - pages 3 - 6

Hillsboro Post Office

Hillsboro Sign

Hillsboro Power Plant - page 5

Hillsboro Stage Line 

Hillsboro Timeline Two by Harley Shaw - pages 8 - 10 (see also Percha Creek Timeline)
Hillsboro Timeline by Harley Shaw - pages 8 - 10
Hillsboro Timeline (August 2016) by Harley Shaw - pages 7 - 9
Hillsboro Timeline (November 2016) by Harley Shaw - pages 8 - 10

Hillsboro to Kingston Toll Road

Hillsboro Walking Tour

Historic Marker Signs

History Museum - Outside by Nichole Trushell - page 3

History of the Mission - by Ethelbert Andrews

History of Sierra County Courthouse and Jail - A Beginning by Harley Shaw

Hopewell, William S.

How Did the Mountain Pride end up in Lincoln - by Harley Shaw - pages 3 - 6

Hutchison, Peter


Its Cold Inside - Hillsboro Refrigeration - by Robert Barnes - pages 4 - 6

Ironwood Statue Raffle

Irvin, Levina and Nat


Jones, Fayette Alexander - New Mexico Mines and Minerals - (Article Entitled “Mining Around Hillsboro 1904 - Remembering the Boom Days”) pages 5-11

Judge Frank Wilson Parker: Frontier Lawyer, Political Warrior  by Mark Thompson - pages 3 - 7



Kingston Myths by Craig Springer - pages 7 - 8

Kingston Opera House - page 8

Kingston School House Museum

Kingston Shaft (Newspaper)


Lace Curtains - by Bobbie Hale Ostler - page 6

Ladder Ranch Tour

Lake Valley War: An Analysis of the Last Range War in New Mexico by Heidi Nunn-Gilman

Laumbach, Karl

 The Legacy of the Chavez Clan in Northern Mexico (later Territory of New Mexico) and Hillsboro N.M. 

    by Fred R. “Stretch” Luna

The Legal Foundation of Hillsboro - Sort of by Mark Thompson - pages 5 - 7

Leopold, Aldo

  • May 2016 - presentation by Steve Morgan - page 3

Life on North Percha Through Three Generations - (From Happy Days by Mary Reid) pages 4 - 5

A Little More Natural History -  by Harley Shaw

Lockhart, Bill 

The Longrifle by Susan Roebuck - page 6

The Long Road Home - by Bobbie Ostler - pages 5 - 6

Loomis, Lynn

Lovell, Barbara

Luna, Fred (Stretch) 

 Luna, Federico Antonio Chaves (Fred) (senior)



McCall, David

Majoras, Judy

Masonic Lodge (Hillsboro)

Miller House (Hillsboro)


Mining Claims

The (Mis) Naming of Emory Pass  - by Harley Shaw - pages 4 - 7

Mister, Fred

Modern Day Miner’s Comments on the Standard Gold Mining and Milling Company - December 1890 

    by Mark Wood - page 8

Montoya, Guillermo

Morgan, Steve

  • May 2016 - Aldo Leopold presentation - page 3

Mountain Pride (Stagecoach)

Murphy House (Sheriff’s House)

Murrell, Hudson

Museum, Black Range

Museum Shop

Music Festival (Hillsboro Heritage Music Festival)

The Mystery Bible - by Barbara Lovell - page 3

Mystery Tongs - page 7


Nations, K. L. - House - page 11

Neat Stuff and Odds and Ends

New Deal Art and Architecture in New Mexico - Presentation by Katherine Flynn - Page 2

New Mexico Constitutional Convention: Recollections -  by Edward D. Tittmann - pages 3 - 7

Non-Profit Status of HHS - page 2

Nunn, Fred - page 2

Nunn-Gilman, Heidi


Opportunity Mine

Orchard, Sadie

Ostler, Bobbie (See also Bobbie Hale Ostler)


Parker, Judge Frank Wilson

Peltier Paintings

Percha Box (Water Rights)

A Percha Creek Timeline - by Harley Shaw and Judy Majoras - pages 5 - 7
Percha Watershed Area Timeline - by Harley Shaw - pages 9 - 11

Percha Creek Tollroad (Between Hillsboro & Kingston)

Piano, Historic

Played Out in Minneapolis: The Rise? The Fall? of a Hillsboro Mining Venture - By Mark B. Thompson, III - pages 3 - 7

Presentations (Sponsored by HHS)

Put It On Ice by Bob Barnes - pages 5 - 6


Reid, Mary

Reynolds, Betty

Richmond, Patrick

River of Spirits (Las Animas book)

Roebuck, Susan


Sarah Gibson’s Story - pages 4 - 7

Scanlan, Tom

Selling Your Cold - pages 5 - 6

Siegfried, Stephen

Shaw, Bill - “The 1972 Labor Day Flood

Shaw, Harley

A Shell Hunt in the Black Range - pages 3 - 5

Silver Fire 

Snake Mine

Snakebite - A Little Natural History

Soda Bottling In The Black Range  by Bill Lockhart, Zang Wood, et al. - pages 5 - 17

Springer, Craig

Stage Coach Line (See also Mountain Pride)

Stage Curtain

Standard Gold Mining & Milling Company

Stiles House

Stocker, Henry D.

Stocker-Miller House

"Stormy Night - Bobbie Hale April 1978 - 5th Grade T or C Elementary - Mr. Garcia’s Class” - By Bobbie Hale-Ostler -     

       pages 5 - 6

Sze, Patricia 

  • Hillsboro High School


Taylor, Michael

Thompson, Mark B. III

Thompson, Moses

Tittmann, Edward D.

Toll Road (Hillsboro to Kingston)

Torres Bar Restaurant, Hillsboro

 Trushell, Nichole


 Washington, George


What’s In A Name - Is Hillsborough Still The Seat of Sierra County? - by Mark Thompson - pages 3 - 4

Whitham, J. D.

Whitham, Joe

Wood, Mark

Wood, Zang


Ying, Tom

A Young Girl’s Visits to the Black Range Museum in the 1970’s by Bobbie Ostler

A Young Rancher’s Adventures in Lake Valley, 1879 - 1884 by Tom Scanlan - pages 2 - 4


Zamorra, Luis

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